Paula Norris Pierce

Profile Updated: March 1, 2014
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Spring, a Way-y Northern'Burb of Houston, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: JohnPierce '67Reagan/HoustonTX
Homepage: View Website
Occupation: QueenOfOurCastle WorldTraveler & MakerOf FrouFrou
Children: 2 menchildren....

Shelby 42 wellrounded~fullblown creative person, computer gifted & MakerOfMany

Anson More…PhD PostDoc 33 working currently on ALS/LouGehrig'sDisease, University of Texas at Galveston...

2 Grandchildren, 19 YO and 1 YO

...Graduated SHHS January, 1966, there was still midterm then...I believe '67 was the last grad class in HISD for midterm.....

...24th January, 1966, moved to DentonTX to attend TexasWomen'sUniversity, art/advertising/fashion design major & sociology/psychology, wrkd prttime in my dorm & art department offices as well as hanging travelling exhibits in the art dept. around on my bike

...left TWU January, 1969, transferred to UT/Austin, left & moved back home to Houston before the semester was out

...March, 1969 found a garage apartment in the Heights, bought a red VW beetle (BigMove for a 60's Girl), started a job w/TheHoustonChronicle, sold, wrote, edited & tweaked a Sunday weekly Shopper'sColumn called TheTalk of the Town, found in the Women's SundaySection w/my byline & picture (I'm preserved ForeverOnMicrofilm in the newspaper @ the DwntwnLibrary~check me out)..attended U of H @ nite

...January, 1971 married JohnPierce (Reagan'67 TransferStudent) @ the lovely little GlassChapel on the UH campus...we met @ the old SearsOnNShepherd where we both worked parttime during college summers

...March, 1972 first son born

...1972 - Summer 1975 lived in LakeCharlesLA due to husband's oilfield job transfer...mommy jobs & wrkd prttime doing display advertising for the local electrical company & same + dressing mannequins for a local JCPenneys store

...Summer 1975 moved back to Houston because we found SouthLouisiana so disagreeable...definitely no place to raise children...or breathe(!)

...January 20, 1976 second son was born, 10 years to the day after graduating from SH

...1975 - 1982 Started several tabletop, homebased jobs while kids were very little, sewing, cake decorating, craftshow selling & creating school yearbooks/4 yrs, in exchange for paying tuition for kid's private school...

...1982 - 2004 worked for HallmarkCards, going in and out of grocery stores, servicing card departments...I was the CardLady

...1985 - 2009 started traveling domestic & international with husband's oilfield job which has carried me to quaint, lovely, picturepostcard faraway spots as Norway, TheNetherlands, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, Belgium, France, Germany

...1996 With the help of '66BarbaraRichardson & '66JudyFowler, and notes from Many-ManyOthersBeforeMe, took on the Lark of PeopleFinding & Organizing Reunions for our ClassOf1966...of which I have ThoroughlyEnjoyed getting to ReKnow and ReAppreciate Each 1 of you!...almost 600 of us!

...January, 1966 - Today it's been an EclecticRide! Have learned so much about Myself & Life and am ThankfulToGod for each moment, day & year that passes...

...current passions are doll collecting, late 40s - late 50s vinyl & hard plastic fashiondolls, internet research & reading celebrity biographies, travelling domestic & international w/my husband's oilfield job, geneaology, sewing, quilting, beading, EstateSale collecting...for the last 30 years, thru my husband's job (he teaches international students) & vicariously by way of association I have played 'hostess' to practically every culture on the face of the earth as they come here to go to his 'schools'...I try to get to know the over-100 or so students he teaches each year....& hope to leave them with good memories of America for the 8 wks they are here...what a delite to get to know the world as I have.....

School Story:

....never really feeling I 'belonged' to any 1 particular social group, I always loved, enjoyed & was intrigued 'floating across' & being a small part of the full spectrum of our school population of the day, found in every culture here & abroad ( when I took French I had several penfriends)...then & now..cowboys & cowgirls, jocks & jockettes, cheerleaders, academeians, artists & bohemians, sales reps...something I still do today...

What song reminds you most of your high school years at Sam Houston?

HeyHey Paula....I still get that 1 routinely

Were you in any SHHS clubs or on any SHHS sports teams?

ArtClub...I recall we worked really hard making posters for a visit from LBJ who had taught @ the old downtown SamHouston, I have since read, 1 semester...took equal classes from GloriaBibee and JeanineBlankenship

Did you have any favorite SHHS teachers?

GloriaBibee and JeanineBlankenship both encouraged me relentlessly in getting into the art and advertising field @ the time. I majored in it in college and then went on to work for several ad agencies and my newspaper column I wrote & sold, TheTalkOfTheTown w/my byline & picture that appeared in TheChronicle Women'sSection every Sunday...all those years of art classes starting with FonvilleJHS have never left me...I still practice and make...

What were your favorite hangouts in high school?

..I worked the last 2 yrs of school @ Sears, weekends, holidays, summers, a few days after school during the wk., so there wasn't much spare time to play....I am, however, making up for that now...

Who do you think has changed the most since high school?

...umm-m the 'hood

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Linda....can you send me your reg email + a phone #...organizing for the 50th reunion for class of 1966...Save the Date ! Saturday, October 15, 2016 at E Richey Gardens, reg email is

Oct 23, 2015 at 9:06 PM

terry.......can you send me your reg email + a phone #...organizing for the 50th reunion for class of 1966...Save the Date ! Saturday, October 15, 2016 at E Richey Gardens, reg email is

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marthea.......can you send me your reg email + a phone #...organizing for the 50th reunion for class of 1966...Save the Date ! Saturday, October 15, 2016 at E Richey Gardens, reg email is

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diane ....can you send me your reg email + a phone #...organizing for the 50th reunion for class of 1966...Save the Date ! Saturday, October 15, 2016 at E Richey Gardens, reg email is

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LateFebruary 2009 my kids had just given me that black kimono jacket from a trip to Taiwan..
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM
Me and John at Pappasitos1960 on Father'sDay 2004
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM
CityCenter CelleGermany..a 12th century town with the 'residential ring' of half-timbered houses restored, intact & fully functional...over 500 of them in the CityCenter, TeachingTrip for John...November 2004
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM
..a long fulfilled dream after coming to this spot thru several years of teaching trips to AberdeenScotland. Taken September 2000 near our 30thAnniversary. DunnottarCastle, outside Aberdeen and near the beach town of Stonehaven, ruins behind us and beyond the NorthSea...used in the movie (MelGibson's) 'Hamlet'....
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM
..a long waited for and John, Althorpe, ancestral home and growing up and burial place of PrincessDiana..2004 teaching trip to Aberdeen
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 at 11:21 PM