Dana Lloyd Comer

Profile Updated: February 15, 2009
Class Year: 1970
Residing In: Houston, TX USA
Occupation: Retired since 1990
Children: Kellan Ryan Caldwell, born 1984
Kortney Nicole Oliver, born 1985
Kirker Oliver (son-in-law), More…born 1985
Kyle Emory Comer, born 1993
Yes! Attending Reunion

Outside of Houston, I have lived in Arlington, Virginia and Las Vegas, Nevada. I was a legal secretary in Houston and Washington, D.C. with the lawfirm of Bracewell & Patterson. I was a 21 dealer in Las Vegas. I have two sons, one daughter and one son-in-law who I love dearly. I do alot of family activities, such as playing games, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, and vacationing. I play tennis, exercise, hang out with my friends and do bible study. I live in Hunters Creek Village in the Memorial area and travel back and forth from Houston to Irving to visit my daughter who moved there after she married in June of 2008. I devote most of my time to my youngest son, taking him to events and competitions for his classical guitar, including Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, Montana State University, Guitar Foundation of America in San Francisco, and North Carolina School of the Arts. I have 2-1/2 acres in Huntsville and will probably move there or just build a weekend home after my son leaves for college.

School Story:

I went to work for a lawfirm right after graduation and never attended college.

What song reminds you most of your high school years at Sam Houston?

It seems like I woke up every morning to the song "Black is Black...I want my baby back".

Were you in any SHHS clubs or on any SHHS sports teams?

I was in the Honor Society, but can't recall other clubs I might have been in -- obviously a memory thing.

Did you have any favorite SHHS teachers?

Mr. Denton and the typing teacher (can't recall her name).

What were your favorite hangouts in high school?

Prince's on Crosstimbers and Winklers on Airline.

What would have been a typical weekend for you in high school?

I mainly hung out with my cousins, Laurie Denise Lloyd and Bryan (Cricket) Lloyd. Other than that, I was usually with Rickey Whitsitt. I also hung out some with Jan McClain, Cindy Cuthbertson, Pat Folsom and Linda Flores.

Who do you think has changed the most since high school?

I don't really see anyone from high school, except for Wanda Rowe. I didn't really know her then, but have become good friends and we play tennis together. I see Cindy Cuthbertson and Rickey Whitsitt occasionally, but would have definitely recognized them easily.

What has been your biggest lesson you've learned in life since high school?

One lesson that I learned in high school is that I shouldn't have been so shy, but obviously that is something that couldn't have been helped. I should have been more involved in what school had to offer. I wish I would have had more guidance from the counselors -- seems like I never talked to them and left the school without really knowing what to do.

What, if anything, would you pass on to the future Tigers, and those getting ready to begin their lives after SHHS?

Make sure you get a good education and go to college. Be in as many clubs and activities as possible. Enjoy those high school years and make as many true friends as you can.

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