Lori Wiltz Dubrevil

Profile Updated: December 5, 2009
Lori Wiltz
Class Year: 1979
Residing In: Pearland, TX USA
Occupation: Education/Business Owner
Children: Kade, 01/06/98
Yes! Attending Reunion

After high school, Graduated from Texas Southern University in Communication, Worked for several radio and tv stations. Did public relations for March of Dimes, Tx Attorney General,Changed careers and pursued a career in education. Went back to school and earned a Masters in Educational Leadership.
Now I am working towards another Master's in Professional Counseling.

School Story:

Getting together with my friends and leaving school early to go downtown to see a movie at the Majestic Metro. Also, going to Rainbow Roller Rink during PE and on Friday nights.

What song reminds you most of your high school years at Sam Houston?

Chaka Khan Dance With Me, Isley Brothers I Will Always Come Back To You, Parliment Funkadelics, Flashlight and Make My Funk the PFunk, Bootsy Collins If I Can't Get Your Love, MAZE, Disco Dazz, Need I Say More!

Were you in any SHHS clubs or on any SHHS sports teams?

Volley Ball, Tiger Mascott (Until My Mom Found Out I Had To Wear the Leotard and Fishnet Stockings) LOL, Drama Club, Medical Career Club, Announcements Club, Bowling Club, Senior Class Favorite.

Did you have any favorite SHHS teachers?

Let me suck up! All of my teachers were my favorite but, let me mention Mr Charlie McCoy. I have the pleasure of working with him now and he is still a dedicated science teacher and look as young as he did in the 70's. I also loved Ms Turner and Nurse Armstrong.

What were your favorite hangouts in high school?

Small Cafeteria and court yard.

What would have been a typical weekend for you in high school?

Going to work at Wyatts Cafeteria on Shepherd and 11th street. After work I would go to the movies with my boyfriend. (Keenan Marshall)

Who do you think has changed the most since high school?

Anita Allen (She got a little meat on her bones now) LOL.

What has been your biggest lesson you've learned in life since high school?

"You may know where you are going today but, you never know where you are going to be on tommorrow." Never say you can't and always remain positive!

What, if anything, would you pass on to the future Tigers, and those getting ready to begin their lives after SHHS?

Never let anyone (including family members) tell you that you can not do something. Delete I can't from your vocabulary. If someone closes a door in your face, knock on another, if the next door is closed, continue knocking, if one still does not open, knock the next damn door down! Be persistant persuing your dreams!

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